• Famous Gardens in the United States

    Yes, the USA has more than just fast food restaurants and old stories of cowboys and indians to offer their visitors. From the Grand Canyon to Yellowstone National Park, there are natural wonders to be witnessed all across the vast nation. For the time being, I would like to highlight a few of the more […]

  • Schoenbrunn Palace Vienna

    In Vienna, the former capital of the Habsburg Empire and home to numerous artistic and philosophical revolutions, there is a palace that serviced the Habsburg elite, namely the emperor himself. The palace ground are comprised of an exquisite garden that spans a massive area. There is a zoo, a labyrinth, a lake and beyond that […]

  • Versailles

    I think we all remember a certain Versailles Palace from our History of Continental Europe courses in grade school and beyond. This palace that the Sun King as he was deemed, or King Louis XIV, took years to build and was at the time the most immense project ever taken on. With the hall of […]

  • Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen

    To keep my readers even more excited about gardens, I’ve decided to take the time to highlight a few events that take place in some of the worlds most famous botanical gardens. From firework shows to orchestras, there is no end to the elegance that can be found even today. And yes, the public is […]

  • Ascog Hall Fernery

    Now, some might be overwhelmed by this, most certainly as I was when I first came across this beautiful sight. However, I would like to explain the history and legacy and current state of one of the finest botanical gardens in the world, the Ascog Hall Fernery.   It just happens to be located a […]

  • History of Botanical Gardens

    Hey everyone! Welcome to one of my first posts. I want to begin my long blogging on botanical gardens with a bit of history. As we all know from school, the key to understanding the present is possessing a thorough knowledge of the past. And without that, we might just stroll through beautiful gardens without […]

  • Gardens in Casinos

    Across the globe, as we have seen thus far, there is a wide variety of garden types, functions and historical relevance. Today, however, people have begun reinterpreting the use of gardens beyond the household and fitting them into more artificial settings to tailor to the aesthetic that companies, or mainly casinos, wish to project on […]