Famous Gardens in the United States

Yes, the USA has more than just fast food restaurants and old stories of cowboys and indians to offer their visitors. From the Grand Canyon to Yellowstone National Park, there are natural wonders to be witnessed all across the vast nation. For the time being, I would like to highlight a few of the more pointedly interesting gardens you can visit.


The first is called Donnell Garden in Sonoma Valley of northern California. Northern California is widely known for its vineyards and experimental and famous wine that they sell worldwide. However, this garden in particular is known for its photogenic scenery, including large pools and exhilarating landscape.


Another well-known garden is the Dumbarton Oaks garden in the heart of the United States. Located in the neighborhood of Georgetown in Washington DC, this garden services many famous politicians and other bureaucrats, along with students, who are in and out of this part of town. With narrow brick pathways and vast areas of diverse wildlife, the garden is a great scene for those interested in travelling to the US’s great capital.


Another impeccable, unique garden in California is Huntington Library Cactus Garden. If you’ve never ventured through a desert and witnessed the barren territory left with just a few cacti, you will love this garden. It’s a cactus garden, with all shapes and sizes of those prickly fellows. They possess a wide range of flowers with all sorts of colours, making this place truly a botanic institution.


For today, our last one is the LongHouse Reserve. This is located outside of New York City on Long Island, famous for its wealthy neighborhoods that NYC execs seem to flock to, and an area that F. Scott Fitzgerald made famous in his novel “The Great Gatsby”. This is more specifically a sculpture garden, famous for so many of its old and new models next to beautiful pools and hedges.