Gardens in Casinos

Across the globe, as we have seen thus far, there is a wide variety of garden types, functions and historical relevance. Today, however, people have begun reinterpreting the use of gardens beyond the household and fitting them into more artificial settings to tailor to the aesthetic that companies, or mainly casinos, wish to project on their customers.


Certainly if I am sitting at a slot machine, I would be far more compelled to stay there and pull the lever if there was a babbling brook next to me and the aura of the forest or garden that I might be getting lost in myself. They come especially with themes relative to the casinos themselves. Certain ones in Las Vegas that expect to project the lap of luxury on their gamblers would have very contemporary style gardens that fit the mold of what is posh and proper.


One area that is known both for its casinos and nature is Hawaii. Here, they have some rather flamboyant options for gardens in their casinos. I can’t say I have been to each of them, but I have at least heard that they sure do bring a lot to the table. Whether its a volcanic setting that is barren but built tough, or one that involves a tropical paradise along the seaside, there is no end to the interesting captivating feelings that casinos offer for your gambling experience.


Otherwise, you have casinos worldwide that either attempt to accentuate their location, such as Asian style casinos with the great wall of China imaged or with small boats bringing you to your gambling table. All of it can be very over the top but also wild and intriguing. I do hope to see far more of these, but for now these are some interesting and attractive settings I can offer for the time being.