Gardens of Asia

Asia, a continent known for its polytheistic religions and unique landscape, has to offer some of the worlds finest gardens. They are sometimes a part of temples of worship or religious centers, and sometimes the product of massive empires that reigned with immense force through the territory many centuries ago. I will try to compile a list of some of the best ones i’ve come across and seen.


In China, there is the Garden of Ecstasy, located in the jiangsu province with an artificial mountain and stream of gurgling water. Located inside is a bridge of seven stars and all the eye candy you could fathom for a perfectly serene meditative background.



Another in China is called the Liu Yuan. This garden tailors to the diverse mentalities and states one is meant to be in while visiting the garden. There is inside a labyrinth of organic and architectural twists and turns that could keep you lost both mentally and physically for hours. It’s an absolutely fetching place to see and I impel you to venture out and give it a look.

Across the South China Sea there are a few more mentionable gardens in Japan. One of them is called Ryoaji, and is located in Kyoto. It is definitely the first and foremost attraction for visitors looking for mix between gardens and history in their experience in Japan.


In Japan as well you will find Haihoji. This is often known as the Moss Garden by westerners, and it has wooden temples for worship with a strong legacy of buddhism. Funny enough, the moss that people find so attractive grew simply out of neglect rather than purpose.