Royal Gardens of Herrenhausen

To keep my readers even more excited about gardens, I’ve decided to take the time to highlight a few events that take place in some of the worlds most famous botanical gardens. From firework shows to orchestras, there is no end to the elegance that can be found even today. And yes, the public is always welcome, perhaps not how it always once was!

In  In  Hannover,  Germany,  you  can  come  across  this  absolutely  gorgeous  garden  and  palace  that serviced the kings of Hannover and Lower Saxony for centuries. The grounds are comprised of many different gardens themselves, such as the Great Garden and the Berggarten, all of which ultimately provide so of the finest scenery in Hannover. From the 16th and 17th centuries you can find fountains, sculptures and mausoleums. There are exotic plants and herbal gardens that have attracted scientists and visitors of all kinds. Luckily, part of the gardens today are a part of the University of Hannover and any students can use them as references or merely inspiration.


There are, however, attractive events held in the royal gardens. For example, one of the biggest hits is the International Firework Competition. You have to buy tickets for this one, but there are altogether 5 teams competing from around the world to attract the most attention for their compilation of fireworks. These pyro-maniacs are set to blow your mind, hopefully not literally, with their unique combination and displays of exploding lights in the sky.


In tandem with the lighting up with the sky, there are events such as theatre and dancing and concerts all along the garden that observers can enjoy. It’s certainly some exquisite entertainment and I can’t stress anymore how nice it is to use the historical garden as a place for the common entertainment of the people.