Schoenbrunn Palace Vienna

In Vienna, the former capital of the Habsburg Empire and home to numerous artistic and philosophical revolutions, there is a palace that serviced the Habsburg elite, namely the emperor himself. The palace ground are comprised of an exquisite garden that spans a massive area. There is a zoo, a labyrinth, a lake and beyond that kilometers of walking area that you could easily get lost in.


The palace grounds are also a place that is said to have both Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin walking around at the same time in around 1913. For this era and well before, Vienna has played a pivotal historical role in shaping the world we live in today.


Every year at Schoenbrunn Palace takes place the Sommernachtskonzert (summer night concert). The Wiener Philharmoniker plays, often with guest piano virtuosos or violinists that are world reknown. This concert has itself hit the world’s stage, since 2012 being streamed for the international public to see and experience without hiding themselves amongst the massive crowds the flock into the city and in through the small corridors of the entrance that lead into the gardens.


The gardens offer an ideal backdrop. There is a hill just beyond the stage and viewers can set up picnics from there and enjoy a long evening of music and fireworks. The yellow facade of the palace itself resonates a certain exquisite taste that you can imagine fed the aristocracy present in Vienna for centuries. Vienna offers that certain posh feel that brings you right back to the time of kings and queens. At least for a time, it’s a feeling I could get used to!


By no means is this an event to pass up if you happen to be around central Europe in May!