The Best Botanical Gardens in the World

The Best Botanical Gardens in the World

Welcome to my flowery blog on all things related to gardens and their extravagance. I myself am a self- proclaimed expert on matters involving gardens, mostly because it has been an interest of mine ever since I can remember. Growing up, my mother kept a spansive garden herself and I always admired both the beauty and what she managed to produce and take from it.


We always spent hours making our own marmalades, juices, pies and vegetable dishes with all that she planted. There was even a winter garden with a nice awning under which we could sit and eat in the winter, while admiring all of the thriving plants around us.


On my website, you will read about botanical gardens worldwide. Each bit, from their history and style to their modern upkeep. I will describe in detail a variety of botanical gardens that you yourself could visit.


Moreover, I will focus at certain parts and correlate other parts to my relationship with the Ascog Hall Fernery botanical garden in Scotland. It has the most fetching views and I will attempt to explain more in depth the beauty it possess, even though I guarantee I won’t do it justice. You’ll have to go see for yourself!


Anyway, that’s a little about me and what I write about on a regular basis. It’s a truly loving relationship I have with botanical gardens and I hope to express a little of that onto my readers. Do enjoy and don’t hesitate to be in contact for suggestions or if you have questions!