I think we all remember a certain Versailles Palace from our History of Continental Europe courses in grade school and beyond. This palace that the Sun King as he was deemed, or King Louis XIV, took years to build and was at the time the most immense project ever taken on. With the hall of mirrors and various themed rooms, this palace was a place of decadence; where kings and queens met to banter and bask in their famedom and richness.


Luckily enough, aside from all the public upheaval, there was a beautiful garden built that has since become the domain of the public. After a period of neglect since World War II, the gardens and building itself decreased in beauty and value, but restoration projects have since revitalized its spirit of perfection and opened it for public tours.


In the gardens that face toward the center of Paris, they have begun holding some events in the space, using both the palace and the gardens. One in specific is the royal serenade and night fountains show at Versailles. This is truly spectacular. They bring you right back to the time of Louis XIV by dressing up into


period costume and enacting the lifestyle and decadence that you would have found during his reign.



After a tour through the palace, there is a serenade of music and dancers that welcome you in the hall of mirrors and then it projects into the large patio which offers a staircase into the gardens. Then into the evening there is the night fountains show which is a spectacular display of lights that make you feel a part of the royal family.

To close of the ceremony, there is a spectacular firework show. This is what I call a cool, spontaneous way to bring yourself back centuries before while in the presence of one of history’s most influential gardens and palace.